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Answers to questions you have about biblical womanhood, marriage and Christianity.

Is masturbation Ok for a Christian

Is Masturbation Ok?

Is masturbation ok for a Christian, given that my husband is not as sexually active. Does…

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I Want To Keep My Surname

I Want To Keep My Surname

I am not married yet, but when I do, I would like to keep my maiden name. As a Christian,…

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He Insists on Pursuing Business

He Insists on Business

My husband hasn't been working for a while now. He insists on pursuing business and…

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Weekly Digest

Your weekly, uplifting and encouraging short videos on the go.

Wisdom | Weekly Digest | Grace Family Church


Marriages are breaking. Businesses are collapsing. All because we do not apply knowledge.…

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Light | Weekly Digest | Grace Family Church Ireland


Our life alone, the light within us — should be able to radiate the image of God.…

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Asking God

Asking God

"Asking God has nothing to do with a lack of Faith." As a matter of fact, it's a display…

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New Level 3 Restrictions

As of midnight Tuesday 6th October, Level 3 restrictions became effective all over the country of…

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Children's Resources

Useful and fun resources to encourage and cultivate God’s faith.

Fruit Of The Spirit

A high quality scripture–based…

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Letter Learning Fun

All about the letter. This simple…

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